Pabst 36. The 36 Annual Pabst Politicking Campout Committee in the grandest tradition of, and in complete alliance with: The Highest Order of the Pabstbyterian is proud to announce a convention of the order of the Pabst. Hereby duly called the 36 Annual Pabst Politicking Campout shall adhere to these following criteria: The official minutes were taken at Jeffery’s bar and grill in Henrietta NY March 1st 2014: Attendance: Art, Phun, TC, Slammer, Stones. Meeting-a-GO GO at 4:05. Several rounds of beers ordered. The place is slammed. TC is elected Chairman. Slammer is secretary because he was bitching about what a retard Tom is. ‘T’ accuses Slammer of being even more retarded than he is. Dates tabled. The Pabst has Black outs, thats unusual. June tabled. More beers delivered. June looks good. Slammer hits on June, gets slapped. Wings and beers delivered- ADJOURNED! Re-Adjourned 4:46 Chairman requests more head. Wings were took way to long to get, Sport would have lost it. September is tabled as well. It is noticed that Pabst Cans are available at bar!! Pabst delivered. Debate is had. We have had enough of this debate,,, Debate is thrown out of the bar. June 25 through the 29th is decided upon. Round of beers. Standard pricing is in effect. $80 for the unlimited package. $40 a day other than Saturday. $45 for Saturday only. Wirt will be host territory. SAVE THE TRAILER DONATIONS ARE ASKED FOR... GIVE TIL IT HURTS! This years guest beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon. Yuengling is secondary. Bartenders tits are to ‘D’ for Phun and thinks she might be a little ‘Musky’ down there. No Re-Read of the minutes because Bob hates re-reads. ‘T’ drops the ball big time. Biting Bugs are banned. Mr. Phun wants more protein for a protein Pabst. Beers. Stones Hijacks meeting in an obnoxious Coup’ d’ Gay. Adjourn 5:44. Smokes in the freezing ass cold. The Winter of 2013-14 is bitched about ad nauseum and accused of sucking massive amounts cock. Slammer is definitely gay, no question, done deal. Re-Adjourn. Trailer future is decided: Trailer vs. BYOB and restructure of the Pabst. Trailer is declared an icon and national treasure and shall be rebuilt. Food Tabled, JB to do Chicken festival for Saturday night. Meeting stalled due to text lag. Bino to buy 101 proof moonshine for Stones. Nigguz’ Phun to do invites. Gun ban is lifted. Meeting of the 36th is called closed and attested as such by the Chairman (TC) at 6:09 Pabst sub committee of Mr. Phun and Slammer re-convene and a hike back to Jeffreys some time later that evening is had. Many more drinks are had and lots of fun and good ol fashion bar rock was enjoyed. Then a protracted stumble back in the show to the apartment for a massive pass- out. Send your checks to: Brian Van Ocker Pabst HQ 7805 Big Tree Rd Pavilion NY 14525 !!!! PLEASE NO MONEY ORDERS !!!! Special Pabst Request: As you know, the trailer went tits-up last year. At the 2014 Pabst meeting, a serious question was asked; ‘Do we go to a BYO format or build a new box. The vote was unanimous, we should build.’ The frame is in great shape, really all we need is the cooler section. Stones donated plenty of wood, it is a good start. I also salvaged what I could off of Mad Max III, but we are still a long way away. So, along with the usual dues, we are asking for what ever extra you can give towards the project. There have been many suggestions as to what the new trailer should be. There is no shortage of good ideas, what we don’t have is the money to make it happen. P35 went way over budget and the shitty weather kept the Saturday walk ups away. Bottom line, the coffers ain’t coughing.