Pabst news and notes: 2015 Winter Pabst Announced. Dateline: December 31, 2014 The 2015 Annual Pabst Politicking Winter Campout (Known as Pabst 36.5) is slated be held Saturday 1.24.15 in Wirt. It starts whenever you get there. Usually just an overnighter. This has been changed in the past due to ridiculous weather, its best to check in with someone at the last minute. As always, this is a committee recognized and Otis sanctioned event. Open to all Pabsters, this is a lighter, shorter format than a standard Pabst and is strictly B.Y.O. You will be outside in the middle of winter, pack accordingly. There is no cost for this event, but get a hold of me ( if you plan on showing up, we need to make arrangements. Limited shelter is available on a first come first served basis. Pack for severe cold and snow. Featured @ P36.5? We are going to try to keep Mr. Phun in one piece this year. He has a history of breaking his ass at winter Pabst’s. We ask that you secure a deity, then prey to it, him, her, them for his safety and likely speedy recovery. The 38th Annual Pabst Politicking Campout Committee meeting to convene. Dateline: December 31, 2014 The 37th Annual Pabst Politicking Campout Committee in conjunction with the Highest order of the Pabstbyterian has been called. This year to be held at Chairman Glennerd Skynards place, Saturday 2.21.2015, 262 Rand Street Rochester. Average start time 2:00. This a cigar friendly event and there is crash space for those that find themselves over-refreshed. We’ll kick in for pizza and wings, I’m sure. BYOB.  (MAP) On the table, as always: Date and time Price structure Food Beer Place Fireworks Racism How may boogers can T eat Masturbation Hate Love Firearms!