It’s for 2017! The Pabst Protuberance.

Come one come all! This is the place for everything to do with the Annual Pabst Politicking Campout. Its intended for adult viewers... If thats you then good! If thats NOT you, well don’t go sticking your nose (or any other protuberance for that matter) where it don’t belong. K?
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Pabst 38, Wirt September 17-21 2016

Pabst 38 was kind of an odd ball as these parties go. We had decent turnout but it was sporadic. Fellow Pabstbyterians C-Rodge and Johnny Snyder coincidently had various nuptials that weekend, the draw on manpower was apparent. Johnny showed unprecedented, almost alarming self-control maintaining his cool in spite of pressure to do otherwise. Fearless Phun showed up at Pabst HQ Tuesday afternoon. As usual he helped with details like the food shopping, spiffing up the dishes and rounding up the various tons of crap we need to have a Pabst. As thanks, there was a brutal drinking and wing session at the Wad shortly thereafter. This part of the load-out generally leads to professional grade hangovers that must be ignored on day one Pabst mornings. Compounded by being relegated to the garage due to allergies, the opening morning of P38 came for Phun with a short sunrise a hard start be sure. With the trailer packed and hitched it was time to head back to the Wad for the most precious ingredient. Soon we were off to Wegmans for the ice. Ahhh, the ice... that didn’t go so well. Turns out that once again the crack staff at the Geneseo Wegmans proved that nothing will get in the way of poor service. It was the usual ineptitude; First the order was never entered, then an apologetic substitute Jr. assistant management trainees helper failed to heed our request for correction. Phuns patience was getting thinner than Phillips’ hair. But eventually the issue was corrected, it was off to Pabst.
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