Is not now, nor has it ever been for the weak of mind. Is intended for adults. Just keeps getting better as well as drunker and more obnoxious. Forever young. Lots of fun. Takes comfort in the fact that not everyone is a pent-up asshole that forgot to take the hanger out of their shirt. Knows that beer is good, eating is great and stuff like guns and porn are as essential as air and that no one has the right to judge who you are.!
The Pabst and are registered trademarks of TCB Productions; “Old enough to know, and old enough to find out too mother  fucker!” div. 2014  All content is almost always rated at least a soft X, sometimes even a medium X. Once in a while we hit a definite X with X  clusters and extra X sauce. Parental discretion is prohibited.
2015 Feature Photo: Sometimes amazing Pabst moments don’t actually happen at a Pabst. Stunning young bartender aside, take a close look, check out the draft line; couldn’t make that up if I wanted too. This made me laugh my ass off.
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